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SYMATESE DEVICE collaborates with Medical device, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical companies to design, industrialize and manufacture specialized and single use medical devices.

We understand the value of partnership and are committed to creating and developing an innovative, strong, long-term business environment with our partners. SYMATESE DEVICE provides complete outsourcing medical device solutions and OEM manufacturing services for all sizes of companies: Start-ups, SMEs or major pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Much more than a medical device supplier, SYMATESE DEVICE supports its partners during the entire lifecycle of their project, in order to develop together high quality and custom-designed medical devices.

We offer our customers industrial services that meet international regulatory standards all the way through from concept to product launch (ISO 13485 and QSR - 21 CFR part 820). SYMATESE DEVICE brings its experience in the medical device design and production and steps in every phase of the project:

Design and development

R&D is supported by a multidisciplinary team of Pharmacists, Engineers and Technicians with in-depth technical experience and competence. More than 100 innovative projects have been successfully launched by Symatese Device. More

Raw materials selection

SYMATESE DEVICE integrates in its process the mixture of raw materials such as thermoplastics, biopolymers, silicones and metals. More

Industrialization and manufacturing in clean rooms (ISO 7)



Symatese Device can manage the entire industrialization phase:

  • Design, follow-up, adjustment and validation of molds
  • Labeling equipment: pad printing, hot marking, stickers printing,…
  • Assembling equipment: manual, semi-automatic, automatic
  • Control equipment: gauges, automated systems, surface roughness meter, 3D optical/contact measurement, dynamometers,…
  • Packaging equipment: rigid blisters, double bags, flexible blisters, pouches, nests,…



Symatese Device has a complete range of medical manufacturing capabilities and produces all the single use medical devices in clean rooms ISO 7:

  • Converting processes: SYMATESE DEVICE handles a wide range of technologies for the transformation of raw materials, including plastic injection molding, coating, etching, silicone extrusion and molding, biopolymer coating or grafting.
  • Assembling and packaging: depending on your product requirements, we can offer specific assembling solutions (manual, semi-automatic or automatic) and specific packaging solutions (PE bags, rigid or non-rigid blisters)
  • Sterilization: SYMATESE DEVICE is able to provide its customers with sterilized products.

With compliant facilities capable of producing the required volumes (from clinical to commercial production), our partners can rely on being delivered conform products. More




Our Regulatory Affairs team can advise our customers all the way through from concept to product launch. More


Let’s work together on your next project!

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