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Design & Development

R&D is supported by a multidisciplinary team of Pharmacists, Engineers and Technicians with in-depth technical experience and competence. More than 100 innovative projects have been successfully launched by Symatese Device.

Project Management

Your idea or specifications shall be entrusted to a dedicated Project Manager who will manage a multidisciplinary team: Research and Development, Methods and Industrialization, Quality and regulatory Affairs.

Your project will be handled within the framework of our project management system that ensures timeliness and the fundamental stages of development. Depending on your project, up to 8 phases will be considered:


  • feasibility study
  • functional study
  • prototype industrialization
  • product industrialisation
  • product verification
  • product and process validation
  • dispositif registration
  • product launch authorization


Being at the heart of innovation means giving priority to research. SYMATESE DEVICE has extensive technical, human and financial resources, enabling it to produce a new generation of products and continuously improve their quality.

SYMATESE DEVICE has been working for years in close collaboration with surgeons, practitioners, medical experts and nurses.

SYMATESE DEVICE reinvests 15% of its turnover in Research and Development. With more than 150 patents, SYMATESE DEVICE has confirmed its position as an innovative and dynamic company.

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