Reconstitution and transfer sets

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Reconstitution and transfer sets

SYMATESE DEVICE develops transfer and reconstitution systems for top pharmaceutical companies. By guaranteeing asepsis, our wide range of specific, single-use systems allows all kinds of drug forms (liquid, freeze-dried drugs or powders) to be combined with all kinds of solvent packaging solutions (syringes, cartridges, vials, bags).

Mixset®: solid/liquid reconstitution

Symatese Device worked with top pharmaceutical companies to develop this innovative product that makes reconstitution (vial/cartridge) easy:

  • Specifically developed for the reconstitution of freeze-dried products (such as human growth hormones)
  • Developed for self-medication applications
  • With a simple PUSH & PULL motion the user reconstitutes the drug
  • Adaptable to different cartridge and vial filling capacities
  • Single use for maximum safety

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Clomix®: solid/liquid reconstitution

CLOMIX is a safe transfer and dosing system which énables reconstitution without using an aerosol (vial-vial, vial-bag, bag-bag).


  • CLOMIX allows safe reconstitution, dosing and administration of cytotoxic or toxic products for the treatment of cancerous tumors.
  • Bi-cameral syringes are fitted with specific needles, thus allowing a continuous balance of pressure during the various transfers without risk of exposure to aerosols.
  • The concept is flexible and can be applied to all solvent packaging solutions from 5 to 100 ml. 

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High-Tech auto-injector, with solid/liquid reconstitution

This single-use device is used for emergency antidote injections. Using a patented by-pass system, the auto-injector allows solid/liquid reconstitution and also provides an automatic intramuscular injection. It is gamma sterilized and has a 2-year shelf-life.


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Transfer Sets: Liquid/liquid and Solid/liquid reconstitution

Symatese Device develops transfer systems for the aseptic reconstitution of freeze-dried drugs or powders in solvent. For example, this transfer set is composed of 2 specific spikes, a filter and 2 colored caps.


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