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SYMATESE DEVICE provides healthcare companies with its experience and know-how in the design, industrialization and manufacture of specialized medical devices.

SYMATESE DEVICE is recognized for the quality of its products, its capacity for innovation as well as the competence and expertise of its employees. The renewed confidence of leading partners in various fields of activity associated with the performance of our products places SYMATESE DEVICE in a leading position.

Our products are used for a wide range of medical applications, such as:

5 reasons to join forces with SYMATESE DEVICE for your next medical device project:

  1. The Medical sector represents 100% of our business. More
  2. We successfully combine a wide range of raw materials and industrial technologies. More
  3. We offer “Made In Europe” quality and ensure that the most important requirements in terms of quality practices are met (ISO 13485 and QSR - 21 CFR part 820). More
  4. As we develop and market our own products, we have a constant concern for patient benefits. More
  5. We possess proven experience in single-use products. More

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