High-Tech Syringes

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High Tech Syringes

Our proven experience in the development of single use high tech injection systems is leading us to collaborate with major companies for the design of their medical syringes and injectors, particularly for: Hyaluronic Acid syringes (dermal fillers), syringes for high viscosity products, implants syringes, bone cement and bone substitute injectors (orthopedics).

Dermal Filler (Hyaluronic Acid) syringes

Symatese Device produces and commercializes dermal filler syringes for aesthetic medicine. Our syringes are recognized as among the best on the market:


  • The syringe body is molded in COC or COP, its internal diameter and length are specific, thus allowing for smooth injection.
  • The luer-lock is part of syringe body (no risk of breakage)
  • The siliconization process is specific: the injection is smooth, even with minimal volumes of silicone.
  • The plunger rod and finger grip are made of specific raw materials (for rigidity and stability) and are designed for the clinician’s comfort.
  • The plunger and tip-cap ensure that the product remains intact, especially when sterilized (autoclave).

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Syringes for High Viscosity Products

Symatese Device produces syringes for High viscosity products.


  • These syringes can withstand a pressure of 83 bar and vary in volume from 1 to 200 ml.
  • Raw materials: COC, COP, PETG, PA, PP, PC etc.
  • Specific TPE / TPV plunger molded in our clean rooms.

Symatese Device also develops a wide range of associated devices, such as specific plunger rods and finger grips, specific rigid tip cap, ...


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Delivery systems for biomaterials and other implantable products

Symatese Device collaborates with top companies in the medical field to develop specific and customized delivery systems for medical injections:


  • Bone substitute injection
  • Bone cement injection
  • Organic glue injection
  • Other multi-component biomaterial injection
  • Implants injection (with various implants syringes)
  • Veterinary topical applications

Our delivery systems successfully meet the challenge of implantable products and biomaterials:


  • They have the right chemical properties and can tolerate all kinds of sterilization (autoclave, ethylene oxide, gamma)
  • The siliconization process can be specific in order to comply with implant requirements
  • A specific air vacuum system can be implemented if required
  • All these injectors and syringes are easy to use thanks to a specific design (finger grip, plunger rod and back-stop systems)

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