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SYMATESE DEVICE has participated to the design, industrialization and manufacturing of medical devices as well as components of medical devices, specifically designed for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.
Please find hereafter some examples of medical devices, developed with industrial companies of the medical sector:

High-Tech syringes

Our proven experience in the development of single-use and high-tech injection systems allows us to collaborate with major companies in the medical device field, such as: dermal filler syringes (Hyaluronic Acid), syringes for high viscosity products, bone cement and bone substitute injectors (orthopaedics).


Learn more about our High tech syringes!

Reconstitution and transfer sets

SYMATESE DEVICE develops transfer and reconstitution systems for top pharmaceutical companies. By guaranteeing asepsis, our wide range of specialized, single-use systems allows all kinds of drug forms (liquid, freeze-dried drugs, powders) to be combined with all kinds of solvent packaging solutions (syringes, cartridges, vials, bags,...).


Learn more about our reconstitution and transfer sets!

Implant injectors

We are specialized in medical devices for the administration of solid or viscous implants, particularly in the areas of Ophthalmology (IOL injector sets, IOL preloaded systems, capsular tension ring injectors), Oncology (Injector for subcutaneous implants), Aesthetics (HA gel), Visceral surgery (organic glue syringes) and Orthopaedics (bone substitute injectors).


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Other medical devices

Our offer extends also to other specific and customized medical devices, which can be used for a wide range of surgery and medical applications, and are the result of an efficient collaboration with healthcare companies.


Our expertise for those specific medical devices concerns particularly the following products:


  • Syringe components
  • Emergency devices
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Needle guides
  • Multidoses tubes
  • Rectal applicator
  • Topical applicators

Learn more about our other customized medical devices!


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